spring vacations

       I interviewed two people about spring vacation. Yasuto went around many places. First he went  back home to Wakayama. Next, he visited koyasan in wakayama by himself. Koyasan was very attracting place for him, so he wanted to go there so far. Finally he went to Nagoya prefecture to attend the wedding celemony held by his mother’s sister. And she is around 30. So happy thing.  Kazuma ‘s vacation was filled with part time job. He works at the bicycle store. His job is repairing or selling bicycles. He worked about 10 hours per day average. He likes his job so so.And I had a short trip and also worked during this spring vacation. I went to Nagoya to sightseeing for the first time. Nagoya is similar to Osaka. There under ground shopping store developed and are a few famous beautiful high buildings. Taste of the food is deep and sweet, little different from Osaka’s food. So I was very attracted by food. Tenmusu, moisokatsu was very interesting and tasty. Nagoya castle was large and beautiful, attracting too. And I worked at cram school and dental clinic. Cram school is located so near by my house and students do not so require me much, I could work at ease. On the other side, dental clinic was a little harder because there were various patoents. Communicating with patients was so interesting, but that regular visitors know more about the office than me was sometimes confusing.

       In the end, there were no difference between us especially. Yasuto didn’t have a part time job. Katsuya didn’t go trip partiqularly. All we did was working and tripping.

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